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Client Testimonials for Massage Therapy

“For the past 2 years, I’ve been coming to see Emily on a regular basis for massages. When I first started getting massages I was incredibly nervous, but Emily made me feel right at home and was nothing but wonderful to me. I came to Emily originally because I was having severe pain in my back and shoulder area, and after a few sessions of deep tissue massage, Emily was able to help correct all of my troubles. I now get a massage from her every couple of weeks, and not only does she help me keep my body in good shape, but she helps me unwind, relax, and makes me feel overall refreshed after the massage is over. I plan on continuing to see Emily for as long as I can, and I recommend that anyone interested in getting a great massage should come to see her for a wonderful experience.”  

Thom R.

“It is with pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Emily McCann, Licensed Massage Therapist. I have been a client of Emily’s for going on three years. I started going to Emily after a horrific automobile accident that left me with a high level of back pain. My first couple of visits were with trepidation as I did not think of massage as a form of therapy. After a few visits I was pleasantly surprised with reduced pain and slowly increased mobility. I am an avid equestrian and enjoy the physical activities associated with being an equestrian. I have anywhere from one to three massage sessions a month, depending on pain level and mobility. During the Hunter Pace season I generally go twice a month to help keep limber and pain free. Besides my back pain Emily has helped with other injures and aches and pains some associated with the equestrian life style and others due to aging process. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who has aches and pains or has sustained an injury. Emily will aid in the healing process and help reduce or eliminate some of your pain. Therapeutic Massage is not just for pampering oneself. It is good for your overall wellbeing. If it was not for Emily I may have given up on an activity that brings great joy to me. My wife and I love our time on horseback and Therapeutic Massage along with chiropractic allow us to continue.”

Darryl D.

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